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Petrochem Technologies is providing professional services for the supply, installation, training and consultancy to over 100 customers covering petroleum, industrial and military sectors. Petrochem reputation has been built upon providing our customers with the highest quality, most precise and fastest systems. In addition PCT can supply complete labs (turn key projects) to the petroleum and petrochemical sector. It’s not just a high technology provider; this division aims to assist in the development and innovation of the petroleum sector in the whole Africa/Middel East region.

World Leader in Petroleum Testing Equipment (Physical Properties, Analtical, GCs, HPLC,...)
Laboratory glassware and accessories.
PCS Instruments
Leaders in Tribology Test Equipment PCS Instruments design and manufacture laboratory instruments for testing fuels and lubricants.
JULABO is a worldwide manufacturer of Constant Temperature Circulators / Baths / Cryostats for research, science and industry.
Automatic Titrators: TBN, TAN, Br No., H2S,.. KF moisture titrators. Automatic Density Meters. Automatic Refractive Index
Particles Counting and sizing systems.
Tannas Co. manufactures precision bench-top instruments for routine and research laboratory testing of engine oils, lubricants and related fluids.
PM Tamson
Tamson Instruments BV is an innovative manufacturer. We develop, design and produce thermostatic baths, coolers and circulators.
CFR Engines
In December 1928, the Cooperative Fuel Research (CFR) Committee accepted the Waukesha Motor Company design for a standardized, single-cylinder test engine to test gasoline knock. Since the first unit was released in 1929, thousands of Waukesha CFR engines have been sold around the world. New models have been launched to meet additional industry needs – a cetane rating unit for diesel fuels, a supercharge version for testing aviation fuel.
ROFA is the leading company for the supply of automated Petroleum Testers in Eastern- and Central Europe. Our range includes the supply of XRF-Analysers for cement, glass, limestone, silicate materials, waste and other industries.
Since 1962 GÖTTFERT is supplying its customers with melt index testing instruments and capillary rheometers. Today GÖTTFERT is a leading manufacturer of rheological testing equipment for thermoplastics, thermosets and rubber.
Calibration standards for all Petroleum products testing (Physical & Analytical)
Distillation Plants for crude Oil: TBP, Potstill, Vacuum Distillation according to ASTM D2892, ASTM D ASTM D5236 and ASTM D1160
Glass Ware for Petroleum testing equipment
PG Instruments
PG Instruments Limited is a British company that has for many years manufactured a comprehensive range of UV-Visible Spectrophotometers and Atomic Absorption Spectrometers.